Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mondora is expanding with a new office

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The just born division of Software Development of mondora, is based in a new office based in Valtellina. Valtellina is a green valley where air is still breathable, life-style is still for humans, where you can see mountains, cows and other things that relax.

Our aims are to develop and maintain software with a fresh mindset; we're focusing on a culture on developing software different from the others where programming languages are a way to build software and are not a prerogative of each individual. We will focused in delivery high value added software there for a specific target: corporates that wants to produce revenue with low cost solution.

Office is now hosting 4 developers and the executive board, when present.

Office location is:
via Vanoni 59/A
Sondrio (Italy)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

..what a wonderful idea ...develop software in a wonderful valley..

good luck for your new office!