Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sense Virtual Appliance on Amazon EC2

Sense is a platform that can deploy Software having the Service Level Agreement between object calls. It doesn't matter if objects are locally, distributed on a grid or are outside the system. Sense implements the pure concept of SaaS (Software As A Service). We moved straightforward, and we have demonstrated that Hardware should be considered as Software. We've created a Scent that attaches Virtual Hardware on a Sense Federation and use Hardware as a Service by letting the system scaling on hardware if hardware is more available under a certain business constraint.

Now mondora's engineers have a new concept in Sense Packaging; they're thinking to provide a package that is a ready for production Sense Instance or Federation deployable as a Virtual Appliance on Amazon EC2 Services.

The main feature of the Sense Virtual Appliance, over the already available feature in Sense, is the perception of the hosting platform (in the case EC2), and then the capability to scale on that platform when Business Service Level Agreement are violated. This let to spend money only when they need to be spent, and to configure each business policy for each application.

The feature will be released in the next month, and will be available as a Package Option of Sense.

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